The research of the division of Genetics is focused on the regulation of immune responses and the molecular causes of leukemia and lymphoma formation. Research topics include:

  • Differentiation of B lymphocytes (T. Winkler, L. Nitschke)
  • Signal transduction of B lymphocytes (L. Nitschke)
  • Regulation of humoral immune responses (F. Nimmerjahn, T. Winkler)
  • The role of antibodies and Fc-receptors (F. Nimmerjahn)
  • Deregulation of the immune system in autoimmune diseases (F. Nimmerjahn, T. Winkler, L. Nitschke)
  • Virus-specific immune response (T. Winkler)
  • Epigenetic control during haematopoiesis (R. Slany, T. Winkler)
  • Molecular causes of leukemia and lymphoma formation (R. Slany)
  • Ontogeny and functions of tissue resident macrophages (E. Mass)


Research Groups

Nimmerjahn, F.

  • IgG effector functions
  • Fc receptors
  • Humoral tolerance mechanisms
  • autoimmunity

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Nitschke, L.

  • B cell maturation
  • B cell signal transduction
  • Inhibitory receptors
  • Siglecs

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Winkler, T.

  • VDJ - Recombination
  • B-lymphocyte differentiation
  • B-lymphocyte tolerance
  • memory-B-Lymphocytes

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Mass, E..

  • Ontogeny and function of tissue resident macrophages
  • Developmental programming of tissue resident macrophages
  • Macrophages function in tissue inflammation
  • Microglia in neurodegerative diseases

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Slany, R.

  • Pediatric leukemia
  • MLL fusion proteins
  • Epigenetic control of transcription
  • Hox proteins in hematopoiesis

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